Protecting smart buildings from botnets 

Today's smart home promises efficient building management, but often the systems are not secure and can only be retrofitted at great expense. Scientists are working on a software product that defends against hacker attacks before they reach the building. Read more »

Cabling rules: how to assess the risk of injury?

In the last issue of ECD Solutions, we explained the requirements for customer cabling between separate buildings and why the use of metallic telecommunications cabling between buildings may be risky. This issue, we explain how a cabling provider can assess that risk. Read more »

Consequences of overlamping

The inquest into Australia's deadliest house fire has highlighted the role of the electrical industry in guiding public safety. Read more »

Featured Products

SATEC BFM136 Branch Feeder Monitor 
SATEC's EM133 NMI-approved product incorporates many advanced features, with Accuracy Class 0.5S offering extensive capabilities...
Ness SmartLiving security system
Ness Corporation has released the SmartLiving suite of security control panels, GSM/GPRS communicators and two-way wireless products.
Fluke CertiFiber pro MM-SM optical loss test set
Available to rent, the Fluke multi- and singlemode (CFP-Q-ADD) OLTS modules for the DSX-5000 measure fibre-optic attenuation, length...
JT Day industrial and marine cables
JT Day's industrial and marine cables are designed for extreme conditions and environments. The range includes power and co...
Enlogic energy metering PDUs
Enlogic's intelligent range of energy metering PDUs provide comprehensive and accurate energy measurement data needed to reduce ...
EXFO Fibre Guardian stand-alone remote optical time-domain reflectometer
Fibre Guardian is a stand-alone OTDR remote test unit, designed to monitor critical fibres without the larger investment required fo...
mySmart EBDHS-MB high-sensitivity motion sensor
The mySmart EBDHS-MB is an IP65-rated motion sensor designed specifically for mounting directly to high-bay lighting in factories an...
Anritsu MT1000A Network Master Pro field transport tester
Anritsu's MT1000A Network Master Pro field transport tester is suitable for mobile backhaul installation and verification.
Warren & Brown 2RU splice and patch subracks
The 2RU splice and patch subracks provide a high-density solution for fibre-optic networks.
Advantech UNO-2483G with Intel 4th generation processors and iDoor technology
The UNO-2483G embedded automation computer is the latest UNO series to include the 4th generation Intel processors, Advantech's ...

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