Types of energy storage

Energy storage is important for maintaining reliable supply, reducing wastage and lowering costs. Read more »

Robotics, automation and smart grid in focus at ACI Connect

Robotics, automation and smart grids could drive growth in the Australian manufacturing industry, says Alex Baitch, national president of Engineers Australia. Read more »

Installers have poor understanding of LED technology

High luminance, excellent colour saturation, high luminous efficacy, high energy conversion efficacy, small dimensions and lightweight, robustness, long life span, low-voltage power supply and ease of dimming are some of the many benefits of LEDs, noted LED technology expert Professor Georges Zissis at his Australian seminar titled LEDs - Dreams and Nightmares. Read more »

Featured Products

Fluke CertiFiber pro optical loss test set
Available to rent, the Fluke multimode (CFP-MM-ADD) OLTS modules for the DSX-5000 measure fibre-optic attenuation, length and propag...
WTI network power switch
Critical network elements such as routers, servers and firewalls often lock up or hang, needing a simple flip of the power switch to...
B&R Enclosures power cords
B&R Enclosures’ range of locking IEC power cords provides protection against accidental power loss of attached IT equipmen...
Advantech EKI-1361 and EKI-1362 wireless device servers
Advantech EKI-1361 and EKI-1362 are 1- and 2-port RS232/422/485 to 802.11 b/g/n WLAN serial device servers.
Warren & Brown Technologies HypaConnect integrated cabling solution
Warren & Brown Technologies' HypaConnect brand offers a range of high-performance solutions to installers, network designers...
FLIR test and measurement tools
FLIR's new line of test and measurement tools was engineered from the ground up to include capabilities - advanced diagnostics, ...
Interworld Electronics RSM-8R8-2 hybrid console manager and remote network power switch
The RSM-8R8-2 provides secure remote access to RS232 console ports as well as the ability to power cycle remote IT equipment. The RS...
Megger EZ-Thump 12 kV power cable fault locator
The Megger EZ-Thump 12 kV power cable fault locator, available to rent from TechRentals, is suitable for HV testing and specialises ...
Fluke Networks DSX-5000 CableAnalyser
Available to rent, the DSX-5000 CableAnalyser copper test solution enables testing and certification of twisted pair cabling for up ...
Honeywell Limitless switches
Honeywell's Limitless switches combine the best of Microswitch heavy-duty limit switches with the latest wireless technology. Wi...

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