Measuring harmonics

Harmonics can cause significant damage to equipment and power systems. This article explains how harmonics are generated and why they should be regularly monitored. Read more »

NBN Co outlines principles for multitechnology rollout

NBN Co has outlined the principles that will determine which access technology will be deployed to connect communities to the NBN. Read more »

Residential security

The home security solutions market is set to flourish due to rapid advancements in technology, growing adoption of smart devices and an increase in crime rates. As the market grows, so do opportunities for installers. Read more »

Featured Products

LUMiLife 4.5 W GU10 bulbs
The LED Hut LUMiLife 4.5W GU10 bulbs are a suitable energy-saving replacement for traditional spotlights.
VeEX VePAL TX300S portable converged networks test set
VeEX's VePAL TX300S is a multi-service test solution for OTN, SDH, SONET, PDH, DSN and Mobile Backhaul networks. Equipped with S...
Wolf Safety Lamp Company lighting solutions
JT Day stocks a wide range of Ex-certified handheld torches, flashlights, hand lamps and lanterns for use with either primary cell o...
Kingfisher KI-28010 singlemode light source
The Kingfisher KI-28010 is a singlemode, handheld light source and comes with a KI-2600 power meter.
PRIMUX KVM Matrix switch
The PRIMUX KVM Matrix switch provides non-blocking access for up to 16 simultaneous users to up to 64 servers.
ERNTEC SE frame enclosure system
ERNTEC's SE frame enclosure system is suitable for 19/21/23″ and industrial enclosures for applications that require up to...
SATEC BFM136 Branch Feeder Monitor 
SATEC's EM133 NMI-approved product incorporates many advanced features, with Accuracy Class 0.5S offering extensive capabilities...
Enlogic energy metering PDUs
Enlogic's intelligent range of energy metering PDUs provide comprehensive and accurate energy measurement data needed to reduce ...
JT Day industrial and marine cables
JT Day's industrial and marine cables are designed for extreme conditions and environments. The range includes power and co...
Fluke CertiFiber pro MM-SM optical loss test set
Available to rent, the Fluke multi- and singlemode (CFP-Q-ADD) OLTS modules for the DSX-5000 measure fibre-optic attenuation, length...

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